Methods in cost-effectiveness analysis

These papers provide additional detail on types of cost analysis, as well as key considerations when conducting such analysis of education programs.

Cost-effectiveness analysis of education and health interventions in developing countries

Paper reviewing types and methods of cost-effectiveness evaluations, as applied to health and education interventions.
McEwan, P.J., 2012

Cost-effectiveness analysis: Methods and applications

Book on planning and implementing cost analysis studies in education and health. This book is available for purchase.
McEwan, P.J. & Levin, H.M., 2001

Center for Benefit-Cost Studies of Education publications

Collection of papers from CBCSE (with many by Henry Levin) describing cost-effectiveness methodologies and results of cost effectiveness studies of education programs.
Center for Benefit-Cost Studies in Education at Columbia Teacher's College

Comparative cost-effectiveness analysis to inform policy in developing countries

Paper reviewing approaches for cost-effectiveness analysis in education.
Dhaliwal et al., 2012

Cost-effectiveness and educational policy

Short paper reviewing types of cost analysis, methods for estimating costs and effectiveness, guidance for interpreting results, and key issues in cost analysis as applied to education.
Levin, H.M. & McEwan, P,J., 2002

Mechanisms and methods for cost benefit / cost-effectiveness analysis of specific education programmes

In-depth report reviewing cost-effectiveness analysis and cost-benefit analysis as applied in education, including guidance regarding specific features of education programs.
Munich, D. & Psacharopoulos, G., 2014

Conducting a cost analysis for educational policies: teacher effectiveness

Paper explaining types and key considerations in cost analysis in education, including tables that break down components of different types of cost analysis and steps to use in implementing them.
National Comprehensive Center for Teacher Quality, 2010

How-to guides and templates

These guides include guidelines and examples of how to carry out cost analysis for education and development programs. The templates below can be used to do this analysis and can be customized to the needs of your organization.

How to do a basic cost-effectiveness analysis

Brief, step-by-step guide to conducting a cost-effectiveness analysis of an international development program.


A tool to estimate the costs and cost-effectiveness of US or international education programs, designed for researchers, analysts, educational administrators, and policymakers, based on the "ingredients" method developed by Lewin and McEwan.
Center for Benefit-Cost Studies in Education at Columbia Teacher's College